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The babyballet Characters



TWINKLE THE BEAR is a soft, cuddly and adorable teddy bear who loves to dance, sing and have fun with all the little stars at babyballet!


Everybody adores Twinkle and wants to be her very best friend because she makes everybody smile and feel so special.

TEDDY THE BEAR is Twinkle’s cousin and is cheeky but very cute! 


Teddy loves singing and dancing and is a fantastic role model for boys who want to learn to dance. He is a very talented dancer with some awesome moves. When Teddy is showing off his dance moves he loves to shout, “Boy, I can dance!”

FLUTTERSTAR THE FAIRY is beautiful with big brown eyes and a sweet smile. She she uses her magic to fly Twinkle and Teddy on their exciting adventures to and from the Castle in the Sky.


She is a fantastic ballet dancer who babyballet stars adore. She makes anything possible with her magic fairy dust and magic wand - she can even make Kitty the Car fly!

GRANDAD JACK is the wise King of The Castle in the Sky and together with Flutterstar the Fairy, he keeps Twinkle and Teddy safe and warm.


He likes to cook lots of exciting things in the Castle Kitchen, especially Twinkle and Teddy's favourites, Pink Porridge and Fairy Cakes! He always makes a big mess when he’s cooking but it's worth it because the food is absolutely yummy.


His gigantic sneezes make everyone laugh – sometimes they are so loud that they shake the Castle and even the little stars say they can hear them at their babyballet classes! Another silly thing he does, which makes Twinkle and Teddy laugh, is that he loses his glasses only to find them on top of his head!


CHUCK THE COWBOY y is a very good friend of Flutterstar the Fairy and although he doesn't live at the Castle in the Sky, he often joins the others on their adventures.


He absolutely loves to dance on stage with the babyballet stars and always WOWs the audience with his flips and acrobatics!


THE CASTLE IN THE SKY is a fairy-tale, fun place where Grandad Jack, Twinkle, Teddy, Flutterstar the Fairy and Kitty the Car all live happily.


When you next see a gap in the clouds, don’t forget to look really carefully to see if you can catch a glimpse of the magical babyballet Castle in the Sky!

KITTY THE CAR is cute pink car who comes to life when Flutterstar the Fairy sprinkles her magic fairy dust.


With fluttering eyelashes and a cheeky wink of the eye, Kitty is super cute and she loves taking Twinkle and Teddy on their exciting adventures - they always have so much fun!


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