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Welcome to the home of Twinkle and Teddy...The babyballet Castle in the Sky










Welcome to the babyballet® Castle in the Sky, a magical place where Twinkle and Teddy the babyballet® bears live with their friends Grandad Jack, Chuck the Cowboy, Flutterstar the Fairy and Kitty the Car.

Grandad Jack is the King of the Castle. Every morning he makes the bears’ favourite breakfast, Pink Porridge. Twinkle and Teddy eat up their porridge because it gives them all the energy they need to join their friends the little babyballet® stars and their teacher at their babyballet® class in the real world.

Twinkle and Teddy travel to their class with the little stars in the real world each day in Kitty the Car. But they don’t drive there – with the help of Flutterstar the Fairy and her magic wand, they fly there!

The class is always lots of fun and Twinkle and Teddy love singing and dancing with their friends. At the end of the class everyone says “thank you” to the Teacher and gives a curtsey or a bow. The Teacher is very pleased and says everyone has done very well. She gives them all a hand stamp and a sticker for being such a brilliant class.

Flutterstar sprinkles her fairy dust once again, Twinkle and Teddy wave goodbye to their friends and Kitty the Car flies them all back to the babyballet® Castle in the Sky. All the way home, the bears can’t stop taking about how much they loved being at babyballet® with all the little stars.

They arrive to find that Grandad Jack has warmed their pyjamas by the roaring fire in the Castle kitchen and made them a yummy supper of Fairy Cakes and sparkly hot chocolate in a mug with their names on.

Twinkle and Teddy are so tired after their day of dancing, they snuggle up in their beds and quickly drift off to sleep, dreaming of more babyballet® adventures. Next morning, they wake up and spring out of bed ready for more magical babyballet® fun!



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